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This article is about a publication. Before I give review about it, I want to summarize what and why matters. First of all, I want to point some basic problems of ELT in Turkey. I have been a teacher of English since 2006. I have tried to apply holistic approach in my ELT classes. This approach sees language as a whole, which is not divisible in a meaningful way for teaching. This contrasts with an atomistic approach to language, which attempts to analyse language into parts, such as grammatical structures or functional exponents, which can later become the content of a syllabus. A holistic approach would focus on everything the learner needs to know to communicate effectively. 1

The main reason why English language can not be learned properly in Turkey, is the atomistic approach which heavily focuses on grammar and this negatively effects ELT curriculum. This approach, unlike holistic approach, transmits only formal and logical structures of the given sets of language written on the papers and it never considers the communicative part of the language which lives in the daily life of real people. I also think the quality of Language Teacher Education in our country is not good enough to promote language learning in positive way.This is mostly because of the atomistic curriculum. But teaching community in Turkey unfortunately tends to find excuses out of the community itself. Good teachers know, no scapegoat can save You from Your sins. This is important theme for an another article.

The most important negative factor in ELT teaching curriculum, is the testing system in Turkey which is claimed to use for the evaluation of learning outputs. We unfortunately constructed a generation who just can recite but can not innovate. This problem is not local or just because of our fault, it is something post-industrial logic of education produces. This problem can even be observed in some developed countries. We neglect some basic properties of being human, like arts and music which also promote language learning. Conversely, tests can be used as a feedback mechanism that will lead learners to learn from their mistakes rather than a determiner as one for all. I also want to write another article dedicated to this problem in near future.

In this article, I want to share a very good news from ELT publication world which diagnoses problems stated above and prepares a prescription for ELT teachers worldwide. It is a collaborative act consists of World’s most respectful institutions in their fields such as National Geography Learning, TED and Cangage. I have used related materials from NG and TED since 2008 and I also recommend my students to follow periodical publications about science, technology and arts in English language.